"My Water" will help you
drink more water!

Add various beverages

Add various beverages

Water, Coffee, Tea
and +30 other popular drinks.



The app will remind you to drink water in time.
You won't forget to drink water!



Track your progress.

A new useful habit is already in your life!

Daily Goal
especially for you

We'll calculate the Daily goal of water per day
based to your parameters:

  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Workouts
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Various beverages

Add Water, Tea, Coffee and +30 other popular drinks all over the world.

Each drink has the coefficient that affects the water balance.


Get smart notifications

Notifications will help you not to forget to drink water. We'll not bother you when you drink your Daily goal!

  • Set up the interval
  • Choose the sound
  • Drink water in time
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Recent reviews

If you’re going to start working out or become an athlete, this is a good app of reminding you to drink enough water for your daily goal.
The best free hydration reminder app I’ve used! I hit my goal daily! No more horrible foot cramps! 💧🦶🏼🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️

You might not think this app is necessary but you’d be surprised how much you’d end up loving it and using it all the time.

A great (realistic) motivator!
I’ve been using this app for almost a week and I have already become much more aware of how much I drink each day.

I just got this app and it is helping so much now I am influencing my family now.
I love your product and I love how it keeps me healthy
The app is very good I’m the type of person who drink less water but I started drinking more water with this app I really recommend this to ppl like me.

App is available on Apple Watch

Add drinks quickly. All drinks will be synced!


Now is the best time to start!